This years game, Destination Deep Space, requires robots to be able to repair and load a cargo ship and rockets as well as climb and leave the habitat. For the first fifteen seconds of the match there is a “sandstorm” on the field when a canvas is dropped over the players station blocking the field from their view. In this time robots may act autonomously or be driven by drive team who are using cameras attached to their robot to guide it across the field. The robots start on small ramp that is part of the habitat. This habitat consists of three layers, the small ramp that robots start on, a step in the center of the ramp thirteen inches tall, and on either side of the middle step are two smaller steps that reach only six inches tall. At the end of the game teams score points based on what levels of the habitat they can climb to. During most of the game, teams can earn points by attaching hatches to the cargo ship and rockets. These hatches cover up holes. This is important because the other way to earn to points is by loading the structures with cargo. The cargo will fall out the holes if a hatch isn’t in place.

For more information about this year’s game, visit the FIRST website.