New Heights Gala

Last year a few members of team 5902 went to the annual New Heights Gala.  There they were able to talk to local sponsors and do robot demonstrations for the people that attended.  We showed what our robot could do, such as what certain aspects of the robot were for.  We also demonstrated what different parts of the robot could complete different challenges.


New Heights Barnraiser

Team 5902 is a collaboration between Portsmouth High School and New Heights.  New Heights has an annual Barnraiser in October where representatives from different programs show what they have worked on throughout the year.  Community members and potential sponsors go to the event and are able to talk to team members and donate to the team as well as to New Heights in general.  This event is very important to our team because it allows us to speak with the public and get in touch with potential sponsors and mentors in the community.


Dover Mini Makerfaire

Every year the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire hosts the Dover Mini Makerfaire where “makers” from all around the area come to show off what they are currently working on.  Our team uses this event to do robot demos and spread awareness about our team and FIRST.  It is a great opportunity to talk to members of the community and potential members and mentors.

Elementary STEM Days

This year, members of our team are planning on going to the three Portsmouth Elementary schools to participate in a STEM day for the majority of students.  During the day, members will lead robot demonstrations and answering questions about the FIRST programs offered in the school district.  Short projects will also be led by students, teaching the older elementary schoolers about the engineering process and STEM.  This event will hopefully inspire more students to become involved in STEM and FIRST.



Robopalooza is an annual event held at the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire.  Robopalooza is a celebration of robots and the future of robotics.  Different FRC and other robotics teams show off their robots to spectators and spread the values of FIRST.  Other companies show advances made in the field of robotics.  It’s a great event where we can talk to and collaborate with other teams during the off season.


Women in Tech Event

A couple of our team members participated in a Women in STEM day; here we talked with women who have careers in different STEM fields holding different types of positions such as management or technical jobs. We were able to learn more about their personal stories about what is like for them to get their jobs. Having a better understanding of why there are less girls going into stem careers was something that gave us the ability to work towards personally impacting the problem. We also talked to some people who hire people into the stem field and learned what they look for in new employees. They said that our connection to FIRST was valuable and would help us get jobs since it shows we have both people skills as well as technical know how.

Mentoring FIRST Programs

This year, three of our team members became mentors for younger students participating in FIRST LEGO League and FIRST LEGO League Jr.  We were able to help inspire elementary and middle schoolers to start their robotics journey early on!  We loved being able to give back to a program that has given so much to us.  If you are interested in finding out more about this program click here to go to the New Heights website.

FLL Animal Allies

Elisa helped to mentor an all girls FLL Animal Allies team at New Heights.  The team moved on to the State Championship, despite being made up of primarily rookie members.  Elisa was previously a member of the all girls FLL team for two years, and the team looked up to her and appreciated all the knowledge she was able to share!

FLL Jr. Creature Craze

Maya and Kelly each helped mentor a junior FLL team.  The teams worked for several months to create models that showcased animals that live in the same habitat as honey bees.  Maya and Kelly helped teams learn about the animals they chose, and the basics of programming.