We have done a myriad of things this week. Our business team has continued working on creating the video required as part of the chairman’s award. That includes planning, preparing and conducting interviews. We interviewed lots of team members and mentors as well as teachers and parents. The interviews are going very well, it’s great to see what our community’s values are, and what they have to say about FIRST and STEM as a whole. In addition to working on the video, we are also working on writing our applications for Chairman’s as well as the Entrepreneurship Award.  We have the rough drafts done and we are working on editing the information now to make it more clear and easy to understand.

Our mechanical team put together some of our new tools, including band saw, drill press and belt sander. They also finalized our chassis design and began working on it.  Our base chassis was cut to size, so our bumper team can begin working on the wooden frame for our bumper set this year. We have started planing out our drive station button board Our programming team got all our systems online, and they have begun working on programming for our new robot.


Our safety captain gave a fabulous safety presentation about safety precautions in the robotics room and general first aid. She has also created a safety manual with new information on, and remedies of, injuries that can be obtained by things we encounter often such as battery acid and electrical burns. Motivational pictures are included to make sure students pay attention and understand the severity and danger of the situation.