This week has been incredibly productive in terms of building and programming.

Our build team finished our chassis, and a team has been working on building our elevator.

The programming team has been working out all of the bugs within our code. Thanks to them, we have a robot that actually runs! We were all cheering as our robot (yet to be named) begin moving across the floor, especially since in previous days we had attempted to have our robot move, and, while the flashing lights on the robot were very pretty, nothing was moving.

Thanks to our sponsors, we were able to purchase and assemble a drill press, a horizontal band saw, a belt sander, more drills, and drivers, hand-held circular saw, a chop saw, and a Sawzall.

Our business team has been primarily working on our Chairman’s award submission, especially our video portion. We had Nancy from Atlantic Media Productions come in to advise us on shooting, a set list, and a storyboard. The video team finalized a shot list, and made a draft schedule for shooting and editing. We also took our new team photographs, for which we owe Mark greatly. We have also updated our website, so make sure to check out how awesome it looks!