We spent this week workshopping the issues we had in the design we had created on Kickoff.

The lift that we had thought would be used on our robot had too many moving parts, and seeing as we wanted to minimize the risk of disaster, we needed to change the lift. A few of our team members spent hours agonizing over the possible designs for the robot while the rest of us worked on either building the chassis, electronics, programming, or as a part of our business team.

The chassis team made a few humorous (at least, after the fact) errors, such as screwing the wheels and motors in and forgetting to add the belts to actually connect the motors to the wheels, so the wheels would move.

The programming team spent a long while updating our computers so they could actually be effectively used to program our robot. After a fairly arduous updating process (we spent about two hours at 28%), they programmed the code that would allow the robot to actually move and operate properly.

The electronics team wired the entire system so power could be spread where it is needed. They also installed a radio which allows the robot to communicate with the program on the computers. We had a fabulous week one as we all pitched in, combining our individual strengths to start work on our robot.